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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the enrollment process?


The first step in the enrollment process is to tour our center and meet some of our outstanding teachers.  During the tour you will be given a packet of information which includes a Family Handbook, Registration Form, Enrollment Forms, Pricing, Calendar, Child Health Appraisal as well as other information. 

Once you have decided on a starting date you will need to submit the registration form, registration fee and deposit equal to one week of tuition.  The deposit will be used for your child's first week of care.  You may schedule a time for your child to visit the center and meet the teachers and other children prior to starting. This will give your child a better understanding of our program and you may discuss any developmental needs or concerns with a staff person.  At least one week prior to your child's start date you will need to submit the additional information: Enrollment Forms, Child Health Appraisal and Allergy Action Plan (if applicable).  

Please note the Enrollment Forms will need to be reviewed and updated with a signature twice a year or when information has changed (whichever comes first).  The Child Health Appraisal will need to be updated every six months for children under the age of two years and every 12 months for children over the age of two years.

Q. Do you offer flexible scheduling?


We offer both full-time and part-time enrollment.  There is a two-day minimum for part-time enrollment.

Q. Do you offer before and after care?


We offer before and after care for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  We also offer care during Winter and Spring breaks as well as Summer Camp.

Q. Are there any upfront costs upon enrollment?

A one-time registration fee is required as well as a deposit equal to one week of tuition.  The deposit will be used for your child's first week of care.

Q. How are tuition and fees determined?


Tuition is based on whether your child is enrolled on a full-time or part-time schedule as well as your child's age-range.  Sibling and military discounts are available.  Assistance is also available through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Subsidized Child Care Program.

Q. How may I make a tuition payment?


Families may pay tuition weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) or monthly (4.3 weeks).  Payments may be made directly through the SmartCare App on a smartphone.  Credit card payments are accepted (processing fee applies) or direct debit through your bank.  We also accept cash, credit card, and checks at the center.

Q. What if I can't pick up my child?  Can someone else do it?


All those listed as emergency contacts on your Enrollment Form may pick up your child.  You may also call to notify us of a person not listed on your paperwork who will pick up your child.  Staff may not release children to anyone who is not authorized.

Q. How will I know my child is safe?

We use one of the most advanced security management systems available which begins at the front door.  Parents scan a secure door tag to gain entry to the building; then record each child in or out of the school with a personalized Smartcare QR tag which identifies the approved individual picking up or dropping off.  The security access system allows us to offer an "open door" policy for our families with enrolled children, while giving you the peach of mind that your child will be safe and secure. 

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